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Navigator Compass

Navigator Compass

A simple but elegant premium compass that our community deserves.
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The Navigator compass is made out of 316SS.

Holds a button compass rated to 100M/300FT water resistance.

Made to slip onto a NATO-style 20mm watch band. 



For years we wanted to make a simple wrist compass. Something that could fit on a NATO-style watch band and stand out due to its simplicity. Something that would look good on any timepiece. So we went on a mission to develop the navigator compass. We took feedback from friends and personal experience to make what we always wanted. 

After watching friends break brush during SERE, only to look down and find their clip-on compass missing. Personally experiencing a wrist compass breaking when a platoon of Afghan Commandos are following you off the back of an MH-47, on the way to assault a compound is not the best way to start an evening. Finally we dialed in a simple but elegant design for the premium compass that our community deserves. 

Introducing the Navigator Compass, a simple but elegant premium compass that our community deserves.


Change can be unpredictable. It can be uncertain, unexpected, and fleeting. 

Time is dependable. It's unchanging, expected, and consistent. It works like clockwork because it is, well, clockwork. 

But through all the inconsistencies the future holds, one thing stays constant: the basics of time. And with Sangin, we brought out the brilliance in the basics. Sangin is the constant through it all. 

For whoever you are and wherever life takes you, each piece we produce is put through a rigorous quality control inspection. We work tirelessly to ensure each timepiece at Sangin is as timeless and dependable as time itself.