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OTH Watch Strap

OTH Watch Strap

Introducing the OTH Watch Strap - a robust and reliable accessory crafted for the dynamic and demanding users who seek durable and capable watch straps, drawing inspiration from the "Over The Horizon" capability synonymous with naval warfare. Crafted to fit 20mm lug width watches, this rubber watch strap will be 'with you' when taking on life's missions, no matter what lies beyond the horizon.
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Durable and Adaptable Rubber Watch Strap

Easily Adjustable to Accommodate Various Wrist Sizes

Designed Specifically for 20mm Lug Widths

Resilient Against Water and Wear

The OTH Watch Strap is not just an accessory; it's a statement of resilience and readiness. Drawing inspiration from the naval warfare "Over The Horizon" concept, which signifies the ability to anticipate and adapt to the unknown, this strap is designed for those who are always prepared for what's next. Crafted from high-quality rubber, our OTH Watch Strap is built to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether you're navigating from the shores to summits or exploring the great outdoors, this strap will stay 'With you'. It's water-resistant and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it endures whatever challenges come your way.


Change can be unpredictable. It can be uncertain, unexpected, and fleeting. 

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But through all the inconsistencies the future holds, one thing stays constant: the basics of time. And with Sangin, we brought out the brilliance in the basics. Sangin is the constant through it all. 

For whoever you are and wherever life takes you, each piece we produce is put through a rigorous quality control inspection. We work tirelessly to ensure each timepiece at Sangin is as timeless and dependable as time itself.