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Sangin Ti2 Pen

Sangin Ti2 Pen

The Sangin Ti2 pen features a drafting style tip for increased visibility and room for technical drawing tools, as well as bold and vibrant gel ink for everyday use. Its magnetically retained cap and titanium clip provide convenience and durability, while its non-slip grip allows for extended use without fatigue.
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Length - 5.0" length for an effective but compact pen

Finish - Titanium with machined grid grip pattern, blasted and tumbled

Dimensions - Barrel Diameter 3/8", Cap Diameter 7/16"

Weight - A durable but lightweight 25 Grams (.88 ounces)

Ink - Pilot G2

Includes - Magnetic Titanium Clip

* Exclusive product made in the USA, individually numbered for limited release

The Sangin Ti2 pen boasts a distinctive drafting style tip that offers increased visibility and plenty of room for using technical drawing tools. It's not just a specialized tool, however – the pen's consistent, bold, and vibrant gel ink lines make it suitable for everyday use. With a magnetically retained cap and titanium clip, the pen is both convenient and durable. The Sangin Ti2 Pen's comfortable, non-slip grip allows for extended writing sessions without causing fatigue, so you can focus on all of life's tasks and missions.


Change can be unpredictable. It can be uncertain, unexpected, and fleeting. 

Time is dependable. It's unchanging, expected, and consistent. It works like clockwork because it is, well, clockwork. 

But through all the inconsistencies the future holds, one thing stays constant: the basics of time. And with Sangin, we brought out the brilliance in the basics. Sangin is the constant through it all. 

For whoever you are and wherever life takes you, each piece we produce is put through a rigorous quality control inspection. We work tirelessly to ensure each timepiece at Sangin is as timeless and dependable as time itself.