Toor Knives Veteran Spotlight: Sangin Instrument's Kinetic Watch

Toor Knives Veteran Spotlight: Sangin Instrument's Kinetic Watch

As many of you know, from receiving our knives, that they are tools. Yes, they are pretty attractive, but ultimately, we started producing knives so that my brother and I would have solid blades that last a lifetime. In turn, we felt others would want the same things and we were correct on that. Grinding into the night, working to produce blades that will someday be passed down as heirlooms.  

With that being said, it's not often that we promote other companies’ products via newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, or blog. Mainly because we are so focused in honing our craft and getting you your knives on time. One product that we want to share comes from one of our good friends Jake.   

If you have been on Instagram the past few days, you would have seen his project being shared and backed by everyone in the military community. Jake is a very humble guy, and has a very similar outlook on his business as us. Make a solid product at an affordable price, offering great customer service and the people will come. This is what he did with his watch company Sangin Instruments. He designed, developed and prototyped a watch while on deployment. Initially the design was going to be for his Special Operations Unit, but as interest grew, he felt that this is something that others would want. Looking at his company page Sangin Instruments has come out of nowhere and has nearly sold out of their first run.


Jake and I met in early 2016 as I was first entering into the industry as an up and coming knife maker. Jake, at this point, had already designed and received his first prototype watch. As we got to talking, we decided to collaborate and design a blade together. We designed our very first mid-size tactical utility blade which we ultimately named after him, The Raider. From there, we became great friends both helping each other grow and build our companies in this industry. Jake is an outstanding guy who runs and outstanding company with an outstanding product. 

Go check out Sangin Instruments and support a Combat Veteran out doing good things! If by chance you’re in the SD area stop by the shop and bring some beer. We will give you a tour and chances are, Jake will be here too.

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